Proper, deep cleansing of the skin makes it easier for subsequent treatments to deliver their full hydration and nourishing benefits. Pre.B Gentle Cleansing Mousse is designed for those who don’t want to skip a single step in their skincare routine, and love gentle double cleansing. It’s also ideal for those not wearing make-up or for morning cleansing.

Why pre.B

The presence of Green Tea extract helps protect the skin day after day from external aggressions, fighting the effects of free radicals.

The complex of natural Prebiotics, moreover, helps to rebalance the cutaneous bacterial flora regulating the excess of sebum and allowing a frequent use of the product even on the most sensitive skins.

Your daily cuddle

Let yourself be wrapped in the soft pre.B Cleansing Mousse, to be applied on face and neck morning and evening.

To purify the skin in depth and prepare it for subsequent treatments.