Make-up lovers and not only, step 1 is essential for a proper face and neck care routine. It is important to remove any residual makeup, smog and impurities that are settled on our skin during the day, and it is important to do it in a gentle way that does not compromise the natural hydrolipidic film.

Why pre.B

It gently removes impurities of all kinds, contributing, thanks to the presence of natural prebiotics, to the natural balance of the skin’s bacterial flora.
Only vegetable surfactants, delicate and respectful of physiological pH.

Two solutions, many benefits

If you love a creamy, enveloping texture, Pre.B Gentle Cleansing Milk is for you.

If you love lightweight, highly effective solutions, try Pre.B Gentle Micellar Water.

To free the skin of make-up, pollution and impurities.