La nuova linea PreB di Cotoneve
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Natural beauty belongs to everyone.

Cotoneve designs pre.B to enhance the beauty in all of us.
An easy, complete line for everyone

Why pre.B?

pre.B is the Cotoneve range based on natural prebiotics for the balance of your skin.

What prebiotics do for you

They nourish the good bacteria that live on the skin and protect it. They contribute to the natural balance of the microbiota for healthy, beautiful skin.

pre.B is for everyone

Your skin is in constant need of cleansing and hydration. Even if you don’t wear makeup. It needs it in the morning when you wake up, it needs it in the evening.

In the right measure. In the right concentrations, with ingredients that respect your physiological pH.”

Cotoneve guides you through your skincare routine. Take a moment for yourself. Light a candle, choose your relaxing song and rediscover your natural beauty.

Discover the line of our products

A range of innovative products for your skincare routine that, step by step, accompany you in the care of your skin.

To free the skin of make-up, pollution and impurities.
To purify the skin in depth and prepare it for subsequent treatments.
To nourish, reactivate and protect the vitality of the skin.