Every woman, of every age, has her own priceless grace and charm. The skin goes through different phases over the years, and a specific skincare is essential to enhance the natural beauty. Here is a Cotoneve skincare guide suitable for every phase of the evolution of a woman's beauty:   SKINCARE IN YOUR 20S In your 20s the skin is elastic, luminous and toned. The password is "protection!", especially from environmental factors and UV rays. The skincare routine in your 20s should be delicate and and focused on hydration. Micellar water is excellent as a make-up remover, to be applied with the Cotoneve cotton pads with Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5. For a correct cleansing, integrate a good gel facial cleanser into your routine: it deeply refreshes the skin removing excess sebum. Use a natural tonic and a simple moisturizer in the evening, apply a cream with sunscreen in the morning, even in the cool and rainy days. Once a week, depending on your needs, you can apply a nourishing and light mask to hydrate, or a purifying mask if you have acne-prone skin. Enhance your natural beauty with a light make-up, which will not clog your pores allowing the skin to breathe, to be strictly removed every evening.   SKINCARE IN YOUR 30S At 30, the skin undergoes a progressive slowing down of the cellular turnover, therefore, the exfoliation becomes an irreplaceable gesture of beauty. It's time to adopt all those good habits to maintain the health and brightness of the skin. Go-ahead to exfoliation and periodic peeling actions to promote cell renewal and free the pores from make-up and impurities. Your ideal skincare routine should include the use of micellar water for the removal of makeup and a gentle face cleanser to be applied day and night with the Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating disc to thoroughly cleanse your face and stimulate its regeneration. For the tonic the effect you are looking for is the astringent and softening one to apply by tapping on the face with a Cotoneve Aqua Life cotton pad with thermal water from Bormio Terme. Introduce a nourishing serum in the evening to your beauty routine and sunscreen cream in the morning.   40 AND BEYOND, SKINCARE AWARE AND RIGOROUS Around 40, the facial features play in our favor: they become well defined, giving that irresistible charm of a conscious beauty. However, the skin becomes more and more dry, requiring more attention to the hydration and nourishment step. The cleansing milk is, in fact, more suitable after 40, to be applied with the Cotoneve cotton pads of the Bio line with Goji berries and Vitamin C, a source of precious vitamins and mineras. To stimulate the microcirculation, and therefore, the elasticity and tone of the skin, after a thorough cleansing of the face, start the day with a circular massage of the face while applying a cream with hyaluronic acid. Start paying attention to the eyes, the area whose skin is very thin compared to the rest of the face, and therefore more delicate and deserving of special attention. To stimulate microcirculation it is a good habit to periodically apply decongestant patches exploiting the action of cold. You can apply Cotoneve round cotton pads soaked in green tea, a powerful antioxidant, and let cool for a few minutes in the freezer. (see recipe here) An eye contour cream to apply by tapping every morning and every evening is also indispensable. True beauty always comes from within, and constantly nourishes the grace and charm that we show outside. Every woman has specific care needs towards the skin, but with a correct skincare routine we set the base to show ourselves at the best in every phase of our life.