scrub face cotoneve
  Facial peeling is a treat for our skin, not to be overlooked, especially in the fall. Experience natural treatments that you can accomplish on your own and simply at your home!   Here is the beauty routine to keep a healthy, bright and toned skin in every season.   Proper exfoliation helps eliminate impurities and stimulates microcirculation exerting a beneficial action to renew the skin and prepare it to hydration step.  
How to choose the proper exfolianting treatment
  Peeling must be exercised with circular motion on wet skin. The frequency of the scrub should take into account the type of your skin:   - Normal to oily skin, exfoliation should be done once a week - Dry skin, once every two weeks - For the most sensitive skin you can use the Cotoneve Peeling Effect cotton pads for a gentle exfoliation while removing makeup in the evening or applying your favorite cream.    
The best ingredients for your routine
  At your home you can create your favorite scrub lotion.   Choose fine granules for the face, such as coffee grounds, sugar or baking soda. Mix it with essential oils of your choice among Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel.   They all have positive effects, both for the specific nutritional and moisturizing properties of each oil as well as for ease of use and application.  
The special peeling for you face
  For a light nourishing facial scrub we recommend Coconut Oil, a moisturizing and antioxidant oil rich in vitamin E which nourishes the skin making it soft and hydrated. Very suitable for normal to oily skin, to be applied on wet skin in combination with the coffee fund. To work out the scrub, help yourself with the Cotoneve Natural Visage, a natural cellulose sponge: soaked with warm water is ideal for massaging and gently cleansing your face.