Safe, efficient, ISO.

For 40 years, cotton par excellence, in makeup remover pads, ear cleaning cotton buds, coloured cotton balls for a cleaner face, safer hygiene, and a well-being by Cotoneve. 

To comply with current regulations, health and the environment, we select only high-quality cotton treated with hydrogen peroxide, to gently process the fibres without damaging them or releasing residues harmful to the planet.

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All Cotoneve cotton products are processed, manufactured and packaged in Italy.

All Cotoneve products are biodegradable and compostable, processed, manufactured and packaged in Italy.

In our laboratories, rigorous analysis of the raw materials guarantee compliance with safety standards, skin tolerance, extraneousness to heavy metals, in line with the Official Pharmacopoeia. Our quality management system selects only highly qualified suppliers.

By nature, for nature

Sometimes an acronym is enough to describe a sustainable commitment: UNI EN ISO 13432.

Cotoneve cotton pads and paper ear cleaning cotton buds pass the biodegradability and compostability test. For this reason, they do not represent a threat to the environment, which we protect every day, together, with our actions. Starting with separate waste collection.

Our organic cotton

The “Global Organic Textile” standard of the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA) certifies the guaranteed origin of our organic cotton and the natural ingredients that enrich it. Periodic quality controls confirm the quality, traceability and compliance with environmental standards.

ICEA is an accredited consortium that controls according to an ethical code based on impartiality, independence and professionalism.
GOTS certification states that organic cotton products are made from natural fibres from Organic Farming, without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides.