beauty tip cotoneve maschera miele e yogurt
  To give relief and hydration to the skin, a nourishing mask with honey and yogurt is the ideal solution! The many beneficial substances of the two ingredients make this mask a concentrate for face well-being, body and even for your hair. Thanks to the content of organic acids, vitamins and minerals, honey has antibacterial, healing and regenerating properties. Yogurt contains lactic acid, numerous vitamins and calcium, which make it a great soothing and emollient for the skin.
Super nourishing Face Mask
A nourishing and moisturizing mask for dry skin in summer, rejuvenating and healing skin for the winter, when cold and wind may damage the exposed parts of our skin. This face mask based on Yogurt and Honey will make your skin light, soft and moisturized. In particular, yogurt softens skin by hydrating it, while honey is a natural and powerful antioxidant and moisturizer, which softens and nourishes damaged skin, helping to regenerate it. To create the mask, mix the base components to obtain a consistent and homogeneous preparation to apply on skin. Leave it work for 15 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water using Cotoneve Caresse Visage, the ideal sponge to gently clean your face.
Repair the damage of your hair
Honey and yogurt can also be used to nourish dried and spilled hair. In fact, honey exerts a nourishing, softening and restructuring action on the hair fiber. Yogurt closes the scales of hair giving gloss and corpusity. The combination of the two products will restore vitality to your hair, nourishing it deeply. You can prepare the mask as for the previous point. Leave it work for 20 minutes while using the Cotoneve microfibre turban to prevent the mask from dripping during the laying time. Proceed with an abundant rinse then wash your hair with your usual shampoo.