cotoneve scrub cotton pads
Cotoneve make-up removal cotton pads range is enriched by a new, innovative solution: the Double Action maxi oval cotton pads, performing both make-up removal and scrub.
Cotoneve Innovation
Constantly evolving, continuously searching for new solutions to surprise the most demanding consumers, Cotoneve proposes its innovative concept of face skincare. Objective: maximizing each single beauty gesture. Gently remove your make-up with the soft and smooth side of Cotoneve Scrub cotton pads. Then apply your favourite face cleansing product with the scrub side. Gentle enough to be used every day, Cotoneve Scrub will help you to maintain your skin smooth and soft, reinvigorating it every time.
Ideal for sensitive skin
New texture, extra softness and no stitching make this cotton disc ideal even for sensitive skin. We recommend just not to rub too much your skin with the scrub side, and to avoid the eyes area and other sensitive areas. New texture, new beauty gestures We love testing our cotton pads to make them unique and original. Our Scrub discs will replace the already well-known Peeling ones. 😊