Motiv box 2019: the trendy environment-friendly cotton buds
We are proud to introduce the third edition of Cotoneve Motiv Box Italian Fashion Collection and its many new features! Beautiful, ecological and trendy, it brings joy and colour, meeting the tastes of all of us.  
This year Cotoneve proposal for the Motiv Box becomes even more environment friendly, with the choice of using recycled paper for the paper stick, distinguishable by the grey colour. All Cotoneve cotton buds (so as the cotton pads) have brilliantly passed the biodegradability and compostability tests according to the UNI EN ISO 13432 standard, which certifies that the product, if dispersed in nature, is not a threat to the environment. However, we would like to recall the responsibility of all of us to a proper disposal of waste, according to the provisions of your municipality, for a clean environment and future.  
The Cotoneve Motiv Box Italian Fashion Collection is packaged in cardboard with only a plastic lid, thus reducing the use of plastic by 70% for each pack. To make it unique and trendy, each season Cotoneve proposes 4 trends chosen among Italian designers. The cardboard used by Cotoneve for the new Cotoneve Motiv Box is FSC certified, which guarantees their provenance from responsibly managed sources.  
Another new feature is the easy-tap opening, which allows you to open the package with one hand only, using just two fingers, greatly facilitating the use of the product.  
Cotoneve Motiv Box cotton buds are GOTS certified products. The GOTS by ICEA certification guarantees that the products are made with natural fibers from Organic Farming with no use of synthetic chemical pesticides.  
So what will be the trends on the catwalk of the coming Italian fashion seasons? Cotoneve has chosen 4 of them, to represent the tastes of 4 different types of women.  
LIVING CORAL TON SUR TON - For those who love simplicity and harmony
A colour that inspires vitality, with a golden hint infusing energy, Living Coral is the 2019 Pantone colour. Widely used by Italian designers, it’s inspired by nature, with an optimistic and reassuring vibe. For Cotoneve we have declined it in the Ton sur Ton coral graphic, another trend found on the catwalks, which recalls elegance and refinement without taking itself too seriously.  
LIVING CORAL IN CONTRAST - for those who dream of the Caribbean sea
The vitality of the Living Coral colour has been the inspiration to interpret the motif in a contrasting version, adding a bright and vibrant blue, giving life to a lively marine environment. Cotoneve loves sea and water, a fundamental element to manufacture cotton products. In fact, it is used to weave cotton fibers, giving shape to the product. This is why we celebrate water by intensifying our commitment and attention to safeguard and protect the environment.  
The beauty of flowers and the marine environment reinterpreted in a dark version for a mysterious and elegant pack, for those who love contrasts and bold colours.  
COLOUR BLOCK: for those who feel minimalistic
Two strong and feminine colours to represent the trend of the "Colour Block": red and fuchsia. Apparently in contrast, they recall the duality of modern women, strong and courageous, still in their femininity. The new graphics are soon to be found in numerous stores throughout the territory, and will replace the current Motiv Box, so make sure you bought your favourite one!