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10 steps and many products for an effective and complete beauty routine, to be performed every day, morning and evening. It may seem like a real commitment, but Korean women live the daily face cleanup as a fundamental ritual of beauty and well-being, a moment of relaxation and care of themselves. This elaborate skincare routine has ancient origins in Korean culture. The 10 steps we propose below are partially inspired by the old and completely natural practices used in alternative to modern cosmetic products. So let's see what this revolutionary 10-step Korean skincare routine is, and when to perform the various phases.
  1. Oil-based detergent: only in the evening for make-up removal
The oil-based cleanser is particularly effective for waterproof makeup and, in general, the most stubborn products to remove, such as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Apply the cleanser directly on your skin by gently massaging and remove the residues with a Cotoneve maxi cotton pad. Original, all-natural variants for this phase are coconut oil, Rosehip extract or grapeseed oil, to be applied on a cotton pad, use as a normal detergent. For a less dense base use well-dampened Cotoneve sponges in cellulose as an alternative to cotton pads. Equally effective for removing make-up is the micellar water: to be applied on a cotton pad and passed on face and the interested areas.  
  1. Water-based detergent: every morning and evening
Useful make-up, oil  and impurities residues removal, the water-based cleanser should be applied on a cotton pad or directly onto the skin by massaging. Excellent natural cleansers include honey and lemon juice, natural olive oil soap, organic raw honey or Aleppo artisanal soap.  
  1. Exfoliation: every one/two weeks
To be performed no more than once a week, it stimulates cellular microcirculation and renewal. We have discussed this in depth in this article on facial peeling.  
  1. Tonic: every morning and evening
It tightens pores, further removes impurities and prepares the skin for hydration step. The tonic is to be applied both in the morning and night, tapping the skin with a cotton pad or by spraying directly on face.   Excellent natural tonics are green tea, cucumber slices or juice and and rice water.  
  1. Essence: every morning and evening
A real innovation for skin care lovers in the West, essence is a cosmetic midway between a tonic and a serum. Its purpose is to prepare the skin to the serum: a real hydration bomb. Apply the essence directly on face by tapping with your fingers.   The original Korean alternatives in this stage are watermelon juice diluted with water, and pomegranate juice, great for regenerating the skin.  
  1. Serum and treatment: every morning and evening
At this stage, a specific treatment is used for the needs of any type of skin, such as dryness, acne, etc. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to the choice of cosmetics.   Very popular are slug slime, which women really used in the past. More refferable and less eccentric are the royal jelly or ginseng oil.  
  1. Cloth mask: a skin cuddle to be made once or twice a week
A true revolution in beauty treatments for the West, the cloth masks soaked with beneficial ingredients to the skin are also the result of ancient beauty rituals.   Apply about once or twice a week, fabric masks can be soaked with ingredients and specific treatments to suit your skin's needs.   We have tried it with an emulsion of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, honey and chamomile and the result was immediately apparent. Intense hydration and relaxation, a real beauty and wellness ritual to copy and maintain.  
  1. Eye contour cream: every morning and evening
An important step in skincare routine is the application of a specific eye contour cream, to be repeated every morning and evening. As an alternative to eye cream on the market, you can use Aloe Vera gel, coconut oil and avocado oil.  
  1. Day/night moisturizer: moisturizing for the day, nourishing for the night
Nothing new here, apply your favorite day or night cream.  
  1. Solar protection
While in the West we limit the application of sunscreen-specific cream in the summer months and only for prolonged sun exposure, Korean women apply it every day throughout the year.   Cotoneve Tip: Some steps may vary depending on each woman's cultural habits, others are a good starting point for a proper beauty routine, and deserve to be thorough and included in daily skin care.   Follow us to be up to date on the new trends of beauty and well-being!