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Cold season has its pros and cons, and free time with friends and family is definitely a big pro. Winter Holidays, especially New Year's Eve, are a great opportunity to stand out, perhaps focusing on a more daring make-up, experimenting new looks with friends. There are plenty of make-up tutorials, suitable for any occasion and style, so let’s also focus of what comes after: the removal. Here are some Cotoneve tips for a super effective make-up removal, even on heavy make-up, which will prepare your skin to receive all the nourishment of your nighttime skincare routine.
  1. For an easier make-up removal let the product act for a moment
Micellar water turned out to be the miracle product of recent years. It removes all traces of make-up, deeply cleansing your skin, and it’s suitable for every need and skin types. To make the most of it, the secret is to apply it all over your face with your hands, and let it work for a minute, while gently massaging. At this point make-up removal will be a girl's play: you just need a quick wipe with a maxi cotton pad or a well dampened face sponge to take it off thoroughly.
  1. Don't skip any of the steps, your skin will benefit from all of them
If you use micellar water you can skip products such as cleansing milk and tonic, but if you use other make-up removal methods, be careful not to skip the cleansing and tonic application step.
  1. Completely free the eye area from eye-liner and mascara
The eye area is the most difficult to cleanse completely, and it’s also the most sensitive one. That's why we need to pay extra attention and care. Melt the make-up by gently massaging the micellar water or the make-up remover oil on the eye area. Carefully remove all the product with a cotton pad, with a top to bottom movement. Repeat if necessary, being careful not to rub the area. Finally, you can use a Cotoneve cotton cosmetic applicator to help you remove all traces of mascara or eye liner between the lashes. Cotoneve's cosmetic cotton applicators are tested for the safety of contact with eyes and oral mucosa, making them ideal for a safe use.
  1. Do not neglect the forhead and neck areas
It happens, when in a hurry, to neglect some parts of your face, which are more difficult to reach in one's beauty routine. If you have noticed small pimples on your forehead, well, it is certainly the result of a wrong cleansing. Make sure to cleanse every corner of your face, neck and neckline area in depth, using the exfoliating Cotoneve Active Visage pad along with your facial cleanser. The small silicone bristles help to remove all traces of make-up and sebum, leaving your skin free to breathe and receive all the nourishment of the next steps. Safe to be used every day for a very light exfoliation and a deep cleansing. cotoneve skincare delictae face exfoliation
  1. Quality matters
One of the most annoying things when using cotton pads is when they leave cotton residue all over the face. A quality cotton pad must not fall apart! If not properly removed, small cotton fibers may clog the pores and your skin can suffer over time. For Cotoneve we only use single veil cotton pads to make sure they do not leave lint and are comfortable to use.
  1. Rinse, even if instructions say it’s not neccessary
Some beauty products on the market boast about you don’t need to rinse your face after using them to remove make-up. It is certainly a convenience, but to be safe, a good water rinse would still be appropriate. Whatever is still on our face, either the product and medium we used, or make-up and sebum, it’s better not to leave them there for hours. At night the most intense activity of skin regeneration happens, so it’s essential to favor this process with good habits.
  1. Easy glitter removal
It’s true for make-up and also nail polish, they’re the most difficult to remove. Difficult, but not impossible, with these simple tricks. What to do with make-up Glitter make-up is increasingly in trend, and the most popular palettes offer sparkling and fabulous colors, perfect for a Carnival or New Year’s Eve party. But how to remove it without dragging it all across your face? Use an oil, of any type: make-up remover, olive or baby oil. Gently massage the area until the makeup is dissolved. You can then remove it with a simple cotton pad, but a face sponge works better in these cases, to be used moist with hot water. What about nails? What a bummer removing glitter from your nails! Solution: let the nail polish remover act for a bit. Take standard size cotton pads (you can use them whole or cut them in half), soak them in your nail polish remover, and place them on your nails. Surround your fingers with aluminium paper to keep the cotton pad in place until the nail polish is completely melted. 5 minutes will be enough, et voilà! Safe nails and minimal effort. Now all you have to do is having fun experimenting outfits and make-up, Cotoneve will take care of their removal. ????