Granny’s Beauty remedies 2.0 – 5 super efficient tips for your beauty routine

rimedi della nonna bellezza cotoneve
We have enhanced grandma's super remedies by making them even more current with some help from Cotoneve products. Get ready to fight dark circles, dull skin and sloppy hair with the wisdom of grandmothers and simple, natural ingredients directly from your pantry.
  1. Tired and puffy eyes
It may happen, even when we sleep well, to wake up with tired, puffy eyes. The simplest solution is to treat them with the soothing effect of chamomile and the astringent effect of cold by keeping some ready to use cotton pads in the freezer, soaked with a natural chamomile infusion. Keep them for at least 10 minutes. You can either put them on the entire surface of the eye or fold them as a half-moon for the bags under the eyes. If you wish to go beyond this simple tip, here are our tips for a luminous, over the top look: [caption id="attachment_3863" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Luminous look: teh aye area care to do right now to instantly seduce anyone[/caption]
  1. Under toned incarnate – tone with cool.. water!
Detergent, toner, serum, cream with a SPF.. Our daily beauty routine has certainly been enriched over time, but the most effective thing for your skin when you wake up in the morning is a nice rinse with cold water. Ps: you know those nice, decorated towels, in pure cotton or linen that nowadays only you grandma has in her closets? They’re much better than the terry towels we use today, for both skin and hair..
  1. Dull skin – DIY face masks
A full 10 steps Korean beauty routine scares you? Nana, whose kitchen is always rich in delicious fruits of nature, has a simple and natural remedy for everything. To treat Dry skin? Make a mask with honey and yogurt. To fight the signs of aging? Strawberry mask. Korean grandmothers also have something to say about natural beauty rituals. Did you know that the 10 steps of the Korean beauty routine are all inspired by ancient remedies? And for every step there is the natural, low cost and easily available variant. Discover them here: [caption id="attachment_1496" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Korean beauty skincare routine for a perfect porcelain skin[/caption]
  1. Nails and hands treatment
For strong nails an Italian grandmother would advise you to dip your fingers in virgin olive oil. It is not a magic ritual, it’s because by properly hydrating cuticles, nails will grow healthier. You can apply nourishing oils on the cuticles using the Cotoneve cosmetic applicators. Their pointed ends make them ideal for applying the right amount of nourishing oil in complete hygiene and without wasting a drop of it. The most suitable oils? Castor, olive, coconut and almond oil are all fine. You should apply it in the evening and let it act while you sleep.
  1. Lashes and hair maintance castor oil, a must have
Castor oil is a very valuable vegetable oil, extracted from the seeds of the homonym plant, common in Africa and India. It contains high amounts of ricinoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that gives it those properties the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry appreciate so much. When applied on hair, eyelashes and nails it works wonders, thanks to the its protective action that prevents dehydration. Nothing works better than Cotoneve cosmetic applicators with finished cotton tip to apply castor oil on your lashes. You should do it in the evening and let it act for the night. Learn all the uses of castor oil here: The latest trend of cosmetics industry is a return to nature, supplier of precious beauty ingredients, and it is not by chance. After all, Grandma has always known what was best. ????