Cotoneve relaunches its range of products dedicated to hygiene and body care, characterized by wellness and beauty. Beauty Rituals includes sponges and accessories for cleansing, relaxation or exfoliation of face and body, a complete line of products designed to meet every need in complete safety. In fact, all the products have passed specific tests for the safety and health of the consumer.
Relaxation and softness
The Relax line of Cotoneve Beauty Rituals includes two types of sponges, ideal for those who live bath and shower as a moment of peace to devote to themselves. The Caresse Relax, in innovative PVA material and soft touch, is ideal for cleansing sensitive and delicate skin. The Soft Relax, smooth and absorbent like a real marine sponge, is characterized by an ergonomic shape and a delicate touch.
A shower to regenerate
For those who love regenerating and revitalizing showers, the Cotoneve Active, Soft and Natural Vitality sponges are ideal. Versatile and hanging, the Active Vitality pouf sponge is perfect for regenerating your body after exercising. The special structure and the hanging cord facilitate drying in a short time. For your daily hygiene and a gentle massage on skin, try the Cotoneve Natural Vitality body sponge in soft natural cellulose, or the Soft Vitality, with a comfortable ergonomic shape.
Exfoliating massage
Ergonomic design and double action for the Cotoneve Natural Gommage sponge: exfoliating, thanks to the massage on one side, revitalizing, thanks to the natural cellulose. Finally, the Soft Gommage sponge is ideal for daily hygiene and scrub, thanks to its resistance and versatility. The Cotoneve gloves complete the body line: in Sisal, for a natural exfoliation, in cellulose and cotton, for a delicate scrub, in nylon for a tonic and energetic scrub.