Respect for the environment and great attention to the health and beauty of consumers inspired Cotoneve to create a fully certified line of organic cotton pads and buds enriched with natural ingredients. The new Cotoneve cotton pads and buds are made with a high quality cotton from organic agriculture enriched with certified natural ingredients, real elixirs of beauty and wellness, such as Aloe Vera and Goji Berries, with proven beneficial properties .
Strict and rigorous quality controls have led to obtain the prestigious GOTS certification, which attests that the cotton pads and buds are composed of natural elements from organic farming. Validated by ICEA, an internationally accredited organization that certifies the quality and safety of organic products, attesting their origin and compliance with ethical and environmental standards. All Cotoneve cotton pads and buds from the Bio line are strictly Made in Italy and have a new formula enriched with natural ingredients selected for their valuable beneficial properties.

Try all the unique characteristics of this line:
  • Extra soft cotton, with voluminous fibers making the pads particularly soft and super absorbent;
  • 100% high quality cotton coming from organic farming only
  • Extremely delicate, they are not sewed making them perfect for the utmost delicacy of eye contour and ideal for sensitive skin;
  • Dermatologically tested, with cotton bleached with oxygen in respect of the environment and consumer health;
  • GOTS Certificate attesting the biological origin of the cotton and formula
Two versions available: make-up removal cotton pads enriched with Goji and Vitamin C or cotton buds and pads with Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5. For both versions are available in standard and maxi format, ideal for any need. The Aloe Vera cotton buds are available in a practical open and close pack, and feature a green color stick to emphasize the Bio origin.