#Cotonevebeauty: 6 tips to take care of ourselves and rediscover the True Nature of Beauty while #stayinghome

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We are experiencing a new everyday life, everyone is looking for a new balance to find serenity and positivity as much as possible. This is why we have decided to make our contribution to the achievement of authentic and sincere well-being, which simply means taking care of ourselves and giving value to the time we have by discovering the True Nature of Beauty. To achieve this, we involved those protagonists of beauty care who dispense valuable tips on beauty, wellness and lifestyle on social media. Each of them has their own way of seeing the True Nature of Beauty. Here you will find proposals of the easiest and most effective wellness rituals you can do directly at home in a few steps and with surprising results. If you have other curiosities ... contact them! Here are some simple and affordable Wellness and Beauty tips to copy immediately!
  1. Natural decongestant eye patch with cotton rounds and cucumber by Margaret
dischetti cotone decongestionante occhi naturale cotoneve You will need: To make this beauty ritual, just blend a cucumber and dip the cotton rounds in it, then place them, well soaked, on your eyes, and leave them act for 15 minutes. Margaret recommends to prepare some and keep them in the freezer for future use. The remaining pulp will be used for a beauty mask that will be revealed later, so follow her if you don't want miss it! ???? Enjoy this moment by lighting a scented candle, perhaps listening to your favorite relaxing music for a full Wellness Center ritual!
  1. Natural eye contour decongestant patch with chamomile tea by Imperfettamente.elle
cotoneve dischetti decongestionante occhi You will need: The scent of chamomile, its simplicity and effectiveness, make this patch among the most used and well-known. Make your usual chamomile and simply dip the half-moon cut disks. Place the pads in a clean container and let them cool for a few minutes in the fridge. Once cooled they are ready to be placed under the eyes for 15/20 minutes. What to do with the exceeding chamomile infuse? You can keep it and use it as a tonic for a few days to come.
  1. Nourishing face mask with honey and yogurt – imperfettamente.elle
maschera viso naturale miele yogurt You will need:
  • 1 tablespoon and a half of unsweetened white yogurt
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
The real challenge while making this mask is not to eat it! Both Elle and we of Cotoneve team recommend to gently exfoliate the skin before applying any face mask, to make your skin more receptive to the active substances and vitamins in the ingredients. We would like to advise you to exfoliate only with delicate products that you already know, in order to avoid unpleasant reactions. Elle uses the Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating pad, together with a facial cleanser. Once your skin is exfoliated and cleansed, proceed with the application of the delicious yogurt and honey mask, leaving it to act for 30 minutes. Then you can rinse everything with lukewarm water, helping yourself with a face sponge or just your hands.
  1. Super nourishing face mask with honey, yogurt, banana and olive oil – Mamma al top
You will need:
  • unsweetened white yogurt
  • honey
  • banana
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
All natural, super nutritious, the mask proposed by Dragana contains additional nourishment thanks to banana and Evo oil. A super useful mask also for neck, chest area and hair!
  1. Body pampering ritual: scrub and application of a nourishing oil by the_life_of_a_bee
guanto corpo scrub cotoneve You will need:
  • Coffee grounds
  • Fine cooking salt
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Favourite essential oil
Sometimes we really feel the need to exfoliate the skin, it makes us feel not only more beautiful, but somehow "lighter". For a complete exfoliation ritual that satisfies skin and also your senses, Valentina recommends mixing coffee with fine cooking salt and your favorite body oil with a few drops of essential oil. If you love the smell of coffee, you can skip the essential oils. Apply the scrub mixture on damp skin, massaging with circular movements. To enhance the scrub effect you can use the Sisal Cotoneve glove. Finally, to nourish the skin, apply your favorite oil. Valentina loves the Musk Rose one, for an elasticizing, regenerating and anti-stretch mark effect. Apply the oil on damp skin (for an easier spreading) using a soft cellulose glove, such as Cotoneve Natural Relax.
  1. Home made swollen and tired legs remedy with vinegar by Margaret
You will need: A great discovery to relieve tired and swollen legs with simplicity. To perform this ritual, just mix water and vinegar, immerse the sponge in the mixture and then dab the skin starting from the bottom and going upwards. Our beauty tips don't end here! Follow us on our Instagram channel to discover new simple and useful beauty tips every day!