olio di ricino cotoneve beauty tip
Following the inspiration of our dear collaborator Giovanna on the use of castor oil for the beauty and health of eyelashes, we decided to deepen our research on this easily available ingredient discovering multiple properties and uses. Castor oil is a very valuable vegetable oil that is extracted from the seeds of the homonymous plant, very common in Africa and India. It contains high amounts of ricinoleic acid, an unsaturated fat acid that gives it the properties for which it is so popular in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Easily available in pharmacies or herbalists, castor oil is suitable for many uses and, compared to other natural oils, is very common and inexpensive! Let’s see the Cotoneve Beauty Tips with Castor Oil:
For fortified hair
If applied consistently, the castor oil treatment exerts a strengthening action softening the hair and preventing the formation of split ends. Furthermore, it rebalances the quantity of sebum for an anti-fall and anti-dryness action. It is recommended to apply the treatment once a week, on damp hair before shampooing, letting it work for at least 20 minutes. To increase the nourishing and restructuring action, we suggest to wrap your head in a wet and warm Cotoneve turban.
Proceed with the usual hair washing, taking care to completely rinse the residues to prevent the hair from being weighed down when dry.
For a revitalized skin
The moisturizing and antibacterial properties of castor oil makes it ideal for revitalizing the skin and for treating acne. To be applied in small quantities massaging on face and body until absorbed. It is advisable to dilute castor oil with another oil to make it lighter and easier to handle.
The density of castor oil, similar to a protective film, reduces the dispersion of skin liquids: making it particularly suitable as an eye contour or a make-up remover (to be diluted with rose water or chamomile) as it also brings benefits for eyelashes and eyebrows.
For thick and healthy eyelashes
The beneficial properties that castor oil boasts  for hair and skin also applies to eyelashes and eyebrows. To be distributed every evening with the aid of a Cotoneve eyelashes cosmetic applicator, leaving it work all night and rinsing carefully in the morning. Maintain constancy for remarkable results.
For reinforced nails
Even nails can benefit from the reinforcing action of castor oil. Apply every evening on fingertips with the help of a cotton ball or a cotton pad, massaging until absorbed.