Cotoneve Multifunctional Wipes: simplify your beauty treatment

Cotoneve is already acknowledged by women consumers as a synonym for make-up remover, cleansing and purity, thanks to the wide range of very high-quality cotton pads, a range which is innovative and tailored for all needs of size, quantity and preferences. That’s why we have launched the new range of multifunctional make-up remover wet wipes. Each one is designed for specific needs, but also as a simple and complete beauty gesture for everyone.
A range tested on sensitive skin
While developing the formulas of the new Cotoneve multifunctional wet wipes, the must was respecting all skin types, especially the most sensitive ones. In fact, the entire range has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
Formulas developed starting from natural origin ingredients
We know that natural ingredients are a must for the consumer, as well as respect for environment. The formulas contain from 96% to 98% of natural ingredients, and are based on active ingredients such as bamboo, almond oil, cucumber, but also hyaluronic acid and active charcoal. All this on a 100% natural origin and biodegradable viscose fabric.
Multifunction and comfort
All Cotoneve wet wipes are formulated under the principle of multifunction. Each one, in fact, brings 3 benefits: not only it removes make-up and cleanses face skin, but at the same time it releases the active ingredients, so precious for skin health. Let’s see the details of Cotoneve range:
ProAge Visage: hydration and nourishment
With Hyaluronic Acid and Almond Oil, ProAge Visage wet wipes remove make-up, nourish and hydrate the skin, making it soft and nourished.
Pure Visage: skin detox effect
salviette detox struccanti cotoneve pure visage With Vegetable Charcoal, moringa extract, organic cucumber and meadowsweet, for a perfectly clean, refreshed and tonic skin.
Easy scrub: exfoliation with gentleness
cotoneve salviette delicate esfolianti Exfoliation has become an essential part of the beauty routine of those female consumers who are very careful to their skincare. Cotoneve Easy Scrub wet wipes, with bamboo grains, exfoliate gently, leaving the sensation of a soft and silky skin.
Pocket singly wrapped wet wipes
salviette struccanti monodose On vacation, at the gym or for a night out, a make-up remover and nourishing wet wipe is a salvation. Formulated to be suitable also for the sensitive skin, with hyaluronic acid for a moisturizing and nourishing effect, they leave a sensation of softness and nourishment. To create Cotoneve Multifunctional wet wipes, we started from a careful market analysis of female consumers’ trends and desires. We found out that more and more women ask not only for a product with good quality and price, but also one respecting skin and environment. In fact, we strongly believe that “biodegradable”, “eco-friendly”, “natural”, not only are a trend, but elements to start from when thinking about our future.