cotoneve beauty tip
  Valentine's Day is a very special day for those who celebrate it. Here are 6 beauty tips by Cotoneve for the in love or single, always on the run girls.  
Express lip scrub
In the most romantic night of the year having lips to kiss is fundamental. If you're running out of time for a do-it-yourself scrub, do not despair! Spread the cocoa butter as you usually do and spread on some sugar cane then massage gently with circular movements. Remove the sugar with a cotton pad and allow the cocoa butter to absorb normally. Result: sweet, soft lips for your romantic date.  
Body scrub in a gesture
We have already addressed the importance of body scrubs in order to have healthy and luminous skin. You need just a few minutes with the Natural Scrub glove in Sisal by Cotoneve. You can scrub directly under the shower by applying your favorite foam shower on the glove and gently massaging. For an even softer skin, apply some coconut oil on wet skin and spread it with the glove. Exfoliation and hydration in one gesture!  
Dry your hair in half the time
Long hair and little time available? With the Cotoneve microfiber turban you will not only dry your hair faster, but you can also wear it comfortably and be free to do other things. Once you’re done, the styling will be simple and fast thanks to its absorbing power!  
Bye bye dark circles
Sleep and stress can turn off the look, but fortunately there are ultrafast and effective remedies to turn it back on! To create congesting patches, use the maxi cotton pads, immerse them in the chamomile tea and leave them in the freezer for a few minutes before applying them directly on the eyes. The soothing action of chamomile combined with the decongestant action of the cold will give new light to your look in a few minutes!  
Impeccable make-up
In the most romantic evening of the year feeling beautiful becomes even more important. When you do a  mess with the eyeliner you tend to review it in an attempt to remedy, making the situation worse. Our advice is to rely on the Cotoneve Double Tip Corrector cosmetic applicators. Thanks to the pointed heads, they are ideal for correcting inaccuracies and smudges for impeccable make-up.  
Rebel hair
Bad hair day at the worst time, it happens, we’ve all been there! To tame the rebellious hair put some hairspray on a clean toothbrush and pass it on the out of place locks.  
And for the single ladies?
Set up a spa at home and spend an evening in the company of friends or why not, alone, full of body care and total relaxation. Hot bath, face and body scrub (with all calm), face mask and bubbles to recharge the batteries and feel beautiful, always.