under the shower cotoneve
In the summertime or in the winter, after a long tiring day, the shower is a moment of relaxation that helps to get back on track. To get the most out of its benefits, however, you have to be careful and take some simple steps to turn a routine shower into a ritual of beauty and well-being. Here are 6 correct habits of beauty and well-being in the shower by Cotoneve.
  1. Use warm water
A too hot water can cause skin dryness, as it removes the natural oils necessary for self-moisturization.
  1. Ideal duration: between 5 and 10 minutes
A long shower contribute to dehydrate the skin, with the risk of drying it and irritating it. Furthermore, it is always advisable to avoid wasting water, so precious for our planet.
  1. A cold jet to reinvigorate
Strengthens the immune system, speeds up the metabolism, improves circulation regenerating the body. The jet of cold water at the end of the shower is a gesture of good health. Hair will also benefit from cold water , becoming more shiny, thanks to the closure of the cuticles.  
  1. Use specific body sponges and gloves
  In the great variety of sponges and gloves, there is definitely the right one for you! Natural or synthetic, delicate or exfoliating, choosing the right sponge can help you get the most out of the shower. Pamper your skin with the soft Cotoneve Caresse Relax sponge in PVA, exfoliate with the body glove in Sisal Active Scrub, massage with the Natural Vitality sponge.
  1. Do not rub when drying, tampon gently
Rubbing vigorously is harmful to both skin and hair. Dampen the skin gently without removing all the moisture and wrap the hair in the Cotoneve Microfiber turban, you will dry them faster.
  1. Hydrate within 3 minutes after the end of the shower
In order to not lose the moisture of the skin after the shower it is ideal to apply a moisturizing cream on the face and a nourishing oil on the body in order to trap the hydration and get more benefits. With the Rituals of Beauty line, Cotoneve helps you carve out moments of well-being in your daily gestures. Discover the news here!